Kalami Crete Walking (the abandoned village or ghost town): This is an easy walk of about 10 kilometres. We also make a village walk through this mysterious abandoned village and go swimming and snorkelling at Psari Forada (located by the South coast of Crete).

Kalami Crete Walking – General information about the walk

Equipment needed for the Kalami hike: Walking shoes or good sports shoes, a hat to protect you from the sun and enough water. There are no shops along the trail and maybe some toilet paper.

Level of the Kalami hike: This is an easy walk that everybody can do and with not too many height differences. Only during the summer months you have to be careful with the heat. The walking path is not marked, but easy to walk.

Kalami Crete Walking – The walk to the village

Kalami hike: We start the walk at the abandoned village and straight into the nature. This hike does not have many height differences. Only in the beginning there is a height difference of 150 meters. Then in an easy pace we continue on a beautiful walking path. We walk in the olive groves and pine forests. There are wonderful views of the mountains that surround the hiking route. Often you can also see the beautiful and abandoned village of Kalami through the trees in the valley. On the mountain side you can see great rock formations.

Along the way we will be prepare a picnic out in the nature! After about 7 kilometres you can see the village Kalami in front of you and here we go through the orange grove towards this abandoned village. We make a nice walk through the village, so you get a good impression of how the people used to live in Kalami. Then we go back to the place we started and continue to Psari Forada.

Kalami Crete Walking – The village of Kalami

Kalami village: The village Kalami is abandoned, just a single house is still inhabited, but you will hardly meet any people here. The little streets in the village are made for pedestrians and donkeys, a car can actually not pass. However, the village gives a strange impression; the school next to the church, the little river that runs besides the village, the old windmill and a watering system from a bygone era. When you love the old Greek doors; there are plenty of them in these nice narrow streets of Kalami. When you look into an old little house, you can see what is left behind: pans, olive oil jars, old pictures, books, etc.

Do not just go into the houses, there are some houses ready to collapse, so be careful! Even in the old school are still some old desks and various other things from the 50s. Most of the people, who lived here, have moved to the surrounding villages. It still remains somehow a little mysterious here. Make sure you have enough batteries for you camera, because this is a photogenic area. Do you want to know more about Kalami? We will tell you more on the way…

Kalami Crete Walking – Beautiful rock formations at Psari Forada

From Kalami to Psari Forada: On the way we stop at the old church of Keralimaniotissa. This is a beautiful old little church with many sights. When no water runs through the river below from the church, we also have a look at the canyon of Kalami. This really is an impressive piece of nature. After the canyon we drive to Psari Forada.

Psari Forada, Crete: Now it is time to jump into the sea and wash off the sweat from walking. Psari Forada actually means “grey horse”, which probably has to do with stunning rock formation on the left side of the village. There is also a small island, where we can go for snorkelling. In Psari Forada are beautiful wide sandy beaches. After swimming we finish our day with a short tour through the mountains to Viannos.

Chondros, Crete: Sometimes we have a break at Chondros. In this area is the Portella gorge, a well-known area among the canyon athletes. It is a long gorge that continues all the way up to Keratokambos. In the winter and spring you can enjoy there the view of a waterfall with a free fall of 50 meters. After that you can see far below Keratokambos, with a spectacular view of the azure blue waters of the sea!

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Kalami Crete Walking