Labyrinth theme park Crete: The family entertainment destination of Crete. Enjoy a special, interactive and fun day for the whole family.

Enter the world of the labyrinth and ask yourself the question: “Can there be some truth in all of this?” And which part of the story about heroes is a myth and how much has really happened? So how much reality hides in this huge story?

Labyrinth theme park Crete – The labyrinth of the Minotaur

The 1200 m2 labyrinth has often changing paths, stairs, bridges and towers. You find here the fascinating myth about the Greek hero Theseus and the destructive terrifying yet tragic Minotaur. And this myth is brought here to life. A myth about gods, monsters, heroes and kings and their battle for power between the cities Athens and Crete.

And these fantastic myths have stood the test of time because people tell the stories already for thousands of years. They are indelible, inescapable and indispensable a part of our cultural background and heritage. And their origin is extreme divers and has developed widely in response to social, political and psychological needs. So they give us an insight in the human nature, just as much today as they did 3000 years ago!

Labyrinth theme park Crete – Fantasy, facts and fiction

So most myths have some truth in them…. and it is up to us to find it.

Truths hidden deep within a labyrinth of fantasy, facts and fiction!

Do you dare to challenge the Minotaur and your sense of direction on the long and winding paths of the labyrinth?

What else is there to do? A little zoo for the children, pottery, getting lost for everybody, Quad court, horseback riding and history lesson about Crete….so definitely not boring.

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Labyrinth theme park Crete