Spring holidays on Crete Greece

Spring holidays on Crete Greece 2022: Spring on Crete is really beautiful. Many flowers and herbs bloom in the mountains and Crete has a nice temperature in springtime. In spring many schools have a two or three week spring break, so this is the perfect time to go to the sun after a long winter! Cheap flights are available during spring holidays (March, April, May and June to Crete).

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May on holiday to Crete: On Crete the sun always shines in summer and it is a great holiday destination that has something to offer for everyone. But what is it like in the spring on Crete? The southern island has a Mediterranean climate and in May usually starts the dry season which lasts until autumn. Most days it is beautiful with sunny weather, but there may be a cloudy day. There is still a small chance it rains a bit before summer really sets off. In general, the weather is great for a holiday with outdoor activities.

Children on holidays on Crete: Spring is a great time to go on an active vacation, but you can of course also go to the beach. We offer a kids holiday program that starts in April. Our program is created for children & parents. You can already book our complete program for your spring break in April – May.

Spring holidays on Crete Greece – Enjoy the sun after a long winter

Accommodation during spring holidays on Crete Greece: We have different types of accommodations. If you want more information about staying on Crete during your spring holidays, have a look at the following link: Zorbas Island Crete

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Active Spring holidays on Crete Greece and beach holidays.

Flowers on Crete: Spring (early) on Crete, in March – April the island is covered with flowers like Orchids and Iris flowers.

Walking holidays in spring: Hikes in springtime.

Spring: Nice walking weather for many activities on Crete.

Spring holidays on Crete Greece – Spring action on Crete

Rappelling and abseiling on Crete in spring.

Active and nice weather during spring holidays on Crete Greece.