Urban photography workshop on Crete: What means urban photography on Crete? Urban photography pictures are being made of and in abandoned houses and buildings. With urban photography you take pictures to catch the atmosphere of the abandonment and past times. On Crete it often looks as if time has stood still. The island Crete has many archaeological findings, a very interesting culture and a lot of geological treasures. Up in the mountains there are many abandoned villages, old churches and ruins to be found. Because of the beautiful natural light drop on Crete you can take the most stunning urban photos.

Urban photography workshop on Crete – There are beautiful locations for urban photography

We bring you to these abandoned mountain villages, ruins and abandoned churches and monasteries, but also to quiet beaches and the beautiful pristine mountains. We teach you to look in a different way at these buildings by telling you the history of each location to inspire you to take your photo. On the way to the urban photography locations on Crete we explain you more about the culture and nature of Crete. This will help you to get in a different way ideas to take beautiful urban photos. Everybody can take photos, but an exceptional photo with a unique atmosphere and special details is a bit more difficult!

Urban photography workshop on Crete – Photography holiday in Greece

Urban & model photography workshop on Crete, Greece: New in 2016 is a workshop model & urban photography on Crete! We often receive photos from our guests and we know that many of our guests love to photograph on Crete. That we have a passion to photograph the most beautiful places on Crete you have probably already understood throughout the years looking at our pictures! With all the photos we take we try to capture the light, the colours, the nature and of course the atmosphere of Crete.

Guided by 2 photographers we bring you to gorgeous places on Crete; abandoned mountain villages, ruins, churches and monasteries, rocks, beaches and whatever else nature has to offer. In the early evening hours we also show you an easy way how to take underwater photos with the help of models, demonstrating you the best way how to photograph persons underwater. The models show you how you can take beautiful “floating pictures” by using cloths.

The photographers give courses at home and abroad and teach you for example what the best approach is related to light and what tools you can use to create even better pictures. It is not necessary to have a professional single-lens reflex (SLR) camera; even with a compact camera the most beautiful results are possible!

The urban photography workshops also include all transfers to and from the locations, lunch and guidance by photographers. 

Urban photography workshop on Crete – More information

Our urban photo workshop on Crete of 6 days is including accommodation, breakfast, dinner and 5 urban photography workshops. For more information about our urban & model photography workshops, please mail us: zorbasisland@gmail.com

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In case you like more information, please send an email to zorbasisland@gmail.com

Urban photography workshop on Crete