Mediterranean cooking holiday in Greece

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Mediterranean cooking holiday in Greece: It is finally time for a holiday and we are talking about cooking on Crete Greece. Many people do not want to cook during their holiday. But joining a cooking workshop on Crete is something that many of our guests enjoy doing. It is nice to learn why [...]

Culinary holiday on Crete

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Culinary holiday on Crete Greece: With a cooking holiday or culinary holiday on Crete you can combine your holiday with a great culinary experience. During this cooking week on Crete you will follow different cooking workshops and learn various cooking techniques. In addition, you also go to the market to purchase local products and [...]

Cooking holidays in Greece

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Cooking holidays in Greece: Holidays on Crete where you will be having cooking lessons. In 3 to 8 days you will learn the miracles of the Greek kitchen. We bring you along for shopping and go to different locations in the Cretan mountains where you learn to cook Greek dishes. Click on our links of [...]