Winter holidays in Crete, Greece: Here you find more information about winter holidays in Crete (only on request!). A lot of people are not aware that you can also enjoy a holiday in the winter on Crete. We offer accommodation and excursions in winter on Crete, but you can also spend your winter on Crete. Crete is in winter cheaper than you think!

Winter on Crete: A winter holiday on Crete is maybe not the first thing coming into your mind, but Crete has also in the winter period a lot to offer. You can visit all archaeological sites, museums are open, the nature is at its prettiest and the climate is very mild. Especially in the winter period you can discover the real Crete. The locals are hard at work on the land, olives are being harvested, wine and Raki are produced and there are other activities you do not see in the summer. Below are links with different possibilities about what to do on Crete in winter.

Winter holidays in Crete – Spending the winter in the sun

Spending the winter on Crete, GreeceVarious accommodations, apartments, houses and options for spending the winter on Crete; we are open most time of the year. With us you can enjoy a fun and active winter holiday in Crete (only on request).

Winter excursions and tripsWe offer a full winter holiday package on Crete, for your stay on Crete in the winter period and an excursion program on Crete in winter. Harvesting olives, Raki distillery, making cheese, milking sheep or carnival on Crete: each year we create a nice program for the winter period on Crete.

Winter holidays in Crete – Celebrate Christmas or Easter abroad

Christmas program on Crete, GreeceActivities and excursions, including our Christmas party on Crete and our New Year’s program on Crete, Greece. We organise also this year lots of nice activities for Christmas and New Year. After the success of the past years, we have organised a number of new activities for you.

Program for Greek EasterThe week before Greek Easter is the so-called “big week”. Therefore we have a special Easter program for our guests. Around the Easter celebrations we show you a lot of nature and culture on Crete and of course we celebrate Greek Easter.

Winter holidays on Crete Greece: Ask for our offers on spending the winter on Crete. Zorbas Island apartments are open most time of the year, so you can enjoy the winter in a mild climate.

We also have possibilities for a longer stay on Crete; spending your winter period on Crete is cheaper than you might think. We have several winter programs for a winter vacation on Crete, Greece from October till May (only on request)! You can always refer to us with your personal questions.

Spending the winter period on Crete Greece: Crete is a lovely island to spend the winter period. We have a variety of accommodations and possibilities to spend the winter period on Crete. Zorbas Island is open most time of the year.

Every day winter news from Crete: Every 24 hours uploads on this page. News and links for holidays on Crete. Also from this page you can also click on to our photo books.

Holiday information Crete Zorbas IslandFor renting apartments and holiday homes, all your excursions and cheap flights to Crete. If you are looking for apartment rental and accommodation on Crete, you have come to the right place. We have a variety of apartments, suitable for families, singles, couples or more people travelling together. We can help you to organize your holiday on Crete Greece to your wishes. An active outdoor vacation, active holidays, a beach holiday, or a combination of both we can all realize for you.

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Winter holidays in Crete