Autumn holiday to Greece

Autumn holiday to Greece: On this page you will find an overview of an active autumn holiday week in Crete. Many people have already cleared the summer clothes in autumn, but you would need these when you go on an autumn holiday to Crete. In October and November on Crete, you can enjoy lovely late summer weather. With pleasure we give you more information about accommodation, excursions, and flights in autumn to Crete. During the autumn holiday we update this page daily with new information, so you can see what we all do.

Good intentions: Every year, many people are looking forward to an active autumn holiday in the open air. This because in daily life people spend their time mostly indoors. Unfortunately, the unpredictable weather in fall often does not allow this, with the result that one is inside again. For the autumn holidays we have our plans ready for active excursions on Crete. Of course, you do not have to participate in activities every day. In October and November in Greece you can even lie down in the sun with a good book. The sunbeds are already on the beach for you in front of our accommodation. 

Autumn vacation to Greece: For October and November we will give you an overview of the possibilities in autumn on Crete Greece. Autumn is a good season for active excursions in Crete, but is also great for a beach holiday. It is not very hot in autumn in Greece, but during the day the temperature is perfect for being active. 

Active autumn holiday cottage vacation rental Crete: No matter if you want to come for a holiday to Greece in the summer or winter, at Zorbas Island you are always welcome. Crete is the largest and most versatile island of the Greek islands. Due to its southern location, Crete has a warm climate. If you have no idea what to do on Crete, we would like to advise you on what to do. And if you prefer doing nothing but enjoying the sun, the sunbeds are there for you on the beach. You can use these free of charge.

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