Cooking on Crete

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Cooking on Crete: It is finally time for a holiday and we are talking about cooking on Crete. Many people do not want to cook during their holiday. But joining a cooking workshop on Crete is something that many of our guests enjoy doing. It is nice to learn why the Greek food tastes [...]

Active trip to Crete

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Active trip to Crete: The island Crete is 260 kilometres long, 68 kilometre wide and the smallest part is 12 kilometres. It is an island you can never see completely during just one holiday. For this reason a lot of people come back to Crete after their first visit. Crete offers not only beautiful beaches, [...]

Newsletter Zorbas Island 2019 Crete

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Newsletter Zorbas Island 2019 Crete: Through this newsletter we want to keep you informed about all the news for a holiday on Crete in 2019. Are you already dreaming of a wonderful holiday in the sun? With this first newsletter for 2019 we will warm you up. Zoover Award 2018: We wanted silver, but we [...]

Holiday to Southern Europe

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Holiday to Southern Europe: Many people choose the island of Crete for a holiday to Southern Europe. Crete is the southernmost island in Europe and the largest island in Greece. The sea at the south coast of Crete is called the Libyan Sea and the Aegean Sea is at the north coast of the [...]

Easter in Crete

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Easter in Crete: Saturday before Easter in Crete Greece: Start at 13.00 hours. At 23.15 hours we walk from Zorbas to the big church in Kokkini Hani for the Easter celebration. At midnight a Judas doll will be burned at this church. There will be a lot of firework and the whole village will come all [...]