March holidays to Greece

March holidays to Greece: Although the days slowly get longer and brighter, it still feels like spring is pretty far away. The end of March is officially the beginning of spring, but in Greece it seems to have started at the beginning of the month. Greece is beautiful green in March and flowers and plants

Varied holidays in Crete

Varied holidays in Crete: Crete is ideal for a varied holiday. This Greek island has lots of activities for everybody. We offer varied holidays in Crete: from accommodation to activities. Whether you just like an active holiday or looking for a combination of relaxing and activities, it is all possible. A day Greek cooking in

Active holidays for the elderly and disabled people

Active holidays for the elderly and disabled people: Once you have read about several of our activities, you may come to the conclusion that these are not suitable for elderly and disabled people. Nothing is further from the truth; also older people, senior citizens and disabled people can participate in many activities. The advantage of

Waterpark on Crete Watercity Anopoli

Water park on Crete Watercity Anopoli: Watercity on Crete Greece: Enjoy the water slides on sunny Crete! A whole day playing with water; who would not want that? This water park is fun for both adults and children. Family accommodation in Crete Greece: Family holidays in Crete Greece: The apartments are by the sea at a 30 second