The climate of Greece

The climate of Greece: So far it is a beautiful summer in Europe, certainly very surprising for Northern Europe. The sun comes out regularly and the temperature rises. It all looks good on paper, but the reality is different; due to the high humidity it gets quickly muggy and unpleasant. This can result in heavy

Varied holidays in Crete

Varied holidays in Crete: Crete is ideal for a varied holiday. This Greek island has lots of activities for everybody. We offer varied holidays in Crete: from accommodation to activities. Whether you just like an active holiday or looking for a combination of relaxing and activities, it is all possible. A day Greek cooking in

Bed and breakfast in Greece

Bed and breakfast in Greece: The most famous and southernmost island of Greece is so versatile, that it is completely different every time you visit there. You can always enjoy yourself in Crete; regardless of whether you are a city person or you prefer to go for a nature hike in the mountains. Even lazing

Holiday destination in Greece

Holiday destination in Greece: Already for years many people go on holiday to Greece. For most holidaymakers sun, sea and beach are at the top of their wish list. But Greece offers much more than just that. It is a country with impressive coastlines, a diverse culture, beautiful beaches, friendly people, great food and a

Island hopping to the Greek islands

Island hopping to the Greek islands: Greece is a peninsula in southern Europe with numerous islands belonging thereto. The Greek islands are divided into different groups, archipelagos, of which the Cyclades is the best known one. Crete is the largest Greek island and not part of an archipelago, but is often mentioned in the same